L I T T L E   S O U N D   D J

Little Sound Dj is a Game Boy music sequencer used by video game musicians, Grammy winners, and chiptune virtuosos over the world. It is regularly praised for being intuitive, fast and fun.

Features include:

  • 4-channel, 4-bit Game Boy sound
  • Dual sample playback
  • Waveform synthesizer
  • Speech
  • Sync options (analog, Game Boy, MIDI, VST)


Download the Little Sound Dj ROM image and manual. Other files can be found in the download area.

The most reliable and affordable way to use the ROM image is with a Game Boy emulator. BGB is recommended; it runs on Windows, but also works well on Mac/Linux using Wine. Sameboy and Gambatte are other good options. There are also hardware emulators such as RG300, BittBoy and Odroid-GO.

To use LSDj on an original Game Boy, put the ROM image on a reprogrammable flash cartridge. There are many cartridge models to choose from - this guide gives a good overview.



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Share your ideas how to improve the software by mailing info at littlesounddj.com or editing LSDj Wishlist. If you find a bug, tell me and I will fix it!

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